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Outside The Lines

Outside The Lines



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David Hamilton's touch with jazz piano is both fun for the listener and playable for the pianist. This flexible folio includes half hymn or classic song titles and half brand new praise choruses. This book epitomizes "Blended Worship!" From the smooth feel of "Be Thou My Vision" to the straight-ahead swing of "Since Jesus Came into My Heart," there's something to please every listener.For the church with praise team or praise band, this makes a great resource for offertory, prelude or any special event where you just need a jazz combo playing! The accompaniment trax is totally optional. . . if you perform with a combo. About six of the songs can stand alone as purely piano solos and the rest really benefit from the combo addition. The accompaniment trax has all of the trax twice: once with a full combo accompaniment and once with just the accent instruments (synth, aux percussion, etc) so that you can have your bass, drums and guitar play along.

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