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About Us

Our Company

Chandler Music, Inc was founded in 1984 in southern California by Dan Chandler, who has served in churches as Minister of Music for over 40 years. For eleven of those years he also taught music at the Elementary, Jr High, High School and College levels. His background in both Choral and Instrumental music and his experience in the positions noted above make him uniquely qualified to serve our customers. Many directors seek his recommendations and assistance with their selections.

Our Story

Dan was originally motivated to start Chandler Music to help his friends save on choral music for their churches and schools, as well as his own. Like most entrepreneurs, Dan began his business in his home by taking orders over the phone and delivering those orders in person. As word spread about Chandler Music, the business could no longer be sustained in Dan's home. Our first location was an industrial warehouse in Orange, CA.


Soon, our customer base grew and we acquired other music companies with retail locations, helping Chandler Music move into our first store in Buena Park, CA in 1996. Ten years later, the Chandler Family moved to the mountains in Prescott, AZ and made the transition to emphasizing internet sales. As part of this transition, we developed portable displays that allow us to roll into any location with a complete selection of products to show - a mobile store!


As we continue our 39th year of business in 2023, we plan to continue improving our online selection with new releases from all publishers, while also displaying our unique collection of music that is no longer available from other music stores!   

Our Team

Our family of staff at Chandler Music has many years of experience in the print music field. If the music you are looking for is in print, we can find it! And even in many cases where it is out of print (POP), we either have copies in stock or know where to obtain them. Please let us know how we may be of service.  


For any questions or assistance, please contact us at 800-445-6874 voice, 800-333-9506 fax or email: [email protected]