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Earnest - Obsessive Waltz

Earnest - Obsessive Waltz

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Earnest, John David

Obsessive Waltz (2013), for piano 4-hands, is a rather madcap affair in which the music teeters between cartoon parody and elegant affectation, never quite sure which direction to take. The central character in this whimsical drama is the waltz itself, obsessively looking for an identity by trying one idea, then abruptly rejecting it and moving on to another, only to reject that idea and move on to yet another. Still dissatisfied, the exasperated waltz decides to start all over again. But this time, more aware of its potential, the puckish waltz begins to play with all the ideas that have been tried and rejected, and soon discovers that they all work together. Its true identity is found at last: a happy blend of athletic mischief, colorful humor, and rhapsodic lyricism.

The present piano 4-hands version was premiered by Melissa Simons and Jeremy Mims in April 2013 at Whitman College, and has since been performed by them numerous times. -John David Earnest

Includes two scores. Duration: ca. 7:00

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