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Agape League, The

Agape League, The

5+: 6.36 ea.
10+: 5.96 ea.
75+: 5.56 ea.


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Created by Christy Semsen
Arranged by Daniel Semsen

High in the mountains in the impenetrable Agape Fortress, General Agape has called the mighty Agape League together to solve a crisis in Suburbiana City! Calling on the super-powered fruits of the spirit available to every follower of Christ, these heroes must also face an enemy within their own ranks when Ironblade forgets his superhero identity (self control) and becomes entangled in the pervasive worldly culture. Things worsen when they learn that unless each member continues to exhibit their gifts, the entire group faces the same fate! Will the League recover their powers? Will the citizens of Suburbia City be saved? Will the source of true power – God's Word – finally be utilized before time runs out? Find out in the latest release from Word Kids, The Agape League: Superheroes of the Spirit! Acclaimed children's writer Christy Semsen has delivered another high-powered production that is super-sized in every way: a high-octane story, clever dialogue, dynamic contemporary songs, and uncompromising spiritual truth. Daniel Semsen's cinema-worthy accompaniment tracks positively soar and the always amazing Teacher Resource Kit and performance IVD will grant you all the production power you need. Back by popular demand is the ACV production aid which will bring your performance to big screen, technicolor life! This year, be sure to catch The Agape League, coming to a church near you! (Make it yours!)
Agape League, The (CD)
Product #: 080689863226
Agape League, The (Acc. CD)
Product #: 080689894121
Agape League, The (Acc. Video)
Product #: 080689502095
Agape League, The (Bulk CD)
Product #: 080689788727
Agape League, The (Resource Kit)
Product #: 080689352973
Agape League, The (Instructional DVD)
Product #: 080689503092
Agape League, The (DVD Preview Pak)
Product #: 080689573392