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Well Seasoned Praise 2 (SATB Choral Book)

Well Seasoned Praise 2 (SATB Choral Book)

5+: 7.96 ea.
50+: 7.46 ea.


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Another Smorgasbord of Favorites for Senior Adult Choir
Arranged by Marty Parks

Featuring the "Large-Print-No-Repeats" format, this second volume, or as we like to call it, "the second helping," of the best-selling Senior Adult Choir series, Well Seasoned Praise, presents more joyful and appropriately arranged selections for your Senior Adult Choir! This "smorgasbord of favorites" from Word Music is also perfect for any choir or small ensemble with limited rehearsal time. Well Seasoned Praise, Volume 2- Arranged and Orchestrated by Marty Parks-features two versions of optional narration: one to be used as a simple "set-up" before each song, and another offering the option to weave the songs together as a complete musical. Volume 2 of Well Seasoned Praise also includes bonus material in the form of a 3-song patriotic mini-musical, perfect for summer gatherings or special services. And, as always, we've included some great, deliciously-fun recipes from some from our valued customers and the Word Music staff! So, serve up a slice of fun, fellowship, and great choral music with Well Seasoned Praise, Volume 2!

Well Seasoned Praise 2 (CD)
Product #: 080689890222
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Well Seasoned Praise 2 (Preview Pack)
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