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10+: 5.99 ea.
75+: 5.59 ea.


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Arranger: Scott Williamson
Amp'd (amped) n/v. 1. project to makes one's youth choir larger or stronger; increase or extend the power and life of a student choir. 2. to develop a choir more fully, as with guitars and smash hits, to amplify the gospel message of Jesus Christ. The guitars are loud, but the message of Christ is even louder. Amp'd is a collection featuring music originally recorded by today's most popular Christian Rock artists. This youth choir project takes a quantum leap forward musically and lyrically with a positive response to a negative world. Unencumbered by expectations, these songs are filled with infectious melodies and uplifting lyrics that are more intense and deliberate in challenging your students with a message they can identify with.
Amp'd (Preview Pak)
Product #: 4575713601
Amp'd (Acc. CD)
Product #: 4575713603
Amp'd (Rehearsal-Sop)
Product #: 4575713600
Amp'd (CD)
Product #: 4575713602
Amp'd (Rehearsal-Alto)
Product #: 4575713605
Amp'd (Rehearsal-Bartione)
Product #: 4575713606
Amp'd (Rehearsal-Drums)
Product #: 4575713611
Amp'd (Rehearsal-Bass Guitar)
Product #: 4575713612
Amp'd (Rehearsal-Guitar)
Product #: 4575713613
Amp'd (Rehearsal-Piano)
Product #: 4575713614