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Thy Word Is Like A Garden Lord (Unison)

Thy Word Is Like A Garden Lord  (Unison)

5+: 1.56 ea.
100+: 1.46 ea.


(Pricing and availability is subject to change without notice. Please call for the latest information.)
Voicing: Unison with organ and flute
Composer: Carl Schalk

A lovely, poetic text by 19th century writer, Edwin Hodder, and additional text by Carl Schalk offer simple and poignant lessons about the Bible. Each verse employs the use of simile to describe how God's Word is like various images found in nature. The straightforward comparisons provide an excellent framework whereby children can better understand the purpose of God's Word and also grow in their faith. An enchanting melody, accompanied by organ and flute, repeats on each verse of the piece underscoring a sense of simplicity and clarity found in the anthem's text.
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