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The Black Folder (3-Ring Mini 1/2" Ring)

The Black Folder (3-Ring Mini 1/2" Ring)

16+: $15.50
31+: $15.25
51+: $15.00


(Pricing and availability is subject to change without notice. Please call for the latest information.)
Mini Folder: Size 9"x12" with a 1/2" 3-Ring adapter built in. 1 bottom expanding black pocket and 1 clear plastic pocket.

This is the Mini-Class of choral folders.The Black Folder Mini 3-Ring is smaller and lighter than the Standard or Deluxe folders while providing all the standard requirements for singers.

It is designed for two purposes:
- It holds adequate materials for a single performance or
- It can be used as a subset to split materials from the main folder

The 3-Ring Mini Folders eliminate the need to load everything into one heavy master folder for extended performances.

- 1/2" 3-Ring adapter (Built in)
- Compact 12"x9" design
- One clear plastic pocket to hold program schedule.
- One deep pocket that fits standard sized paper or sheet music.
- One slot for a pencil or pen
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