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The Wondrous Cross (SATB)

The Wondrous Cross (SATB)

5+: 1.51 ea.
100+: 1.42 ea.


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Arranger Bradley Knight

A refreshing variation upon and expansion of one of the most-loved hymn lyrics of all time, this anthem has been fashioned for choir, rhythm section, and orchestra with Easter celebration gatherings in mind. The newly fashioned chorus will pull out easily and stand alone as a new congregational worship chorus.

Keys - Ab, Gb, Ab, Bb, C
Tempo - moderately fast
Themes - worship and thankfulness for the cross; consecration; His amazing love
Style - worship ballad
Duration - 5:12
The Wondrous Cross (Acc. CD)
Product #: 634337932545
The Wondrous Cross (Orchestration) *POD*
Product #: 634337933030