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The Body of Christ (SATB) Choral Book

The Body of Christ (SATB) Choral Book

5+: 7.96 ea.
10+: 7.46 ea.
75+: 6.96 ea.


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Arranger Pepper Choplin

Pepper Choplin beautifully and creatively crafted this telling of the final days of Jesus' life, focusing on the meaning of His words and actions leading to the cross. With stunning melodies and a powerful orchestration by Michael Lawrence, we reflect on the feet that walked the earth, the hands that touched and healed, the voice that spoke the Word of God, and the head that bore a crown of thorns as Jesus was sacrificed. From the worshipful opener, "We Behold His Glory," to the meditative and stunningly powerful path to the cross, "O Sacred Journey," the importance of Christ's body remains the center point of this work. The final number, "We Are the Body of Christ," is a benediction that can be presented immediately following the preceding number or after closing remarks from a speaker. "For Christ is our head and though we are many, His Spirit will make us one…Go now as the body of Christ."

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