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We Are Witnesses (SATB Choral Book)

We Are Witnesses (SATB Choral Book)

5+: 10.36 ea.
50+: 9.71 ea.


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Encounters with the Savior....a Musical for Easter
Created by Kenna Turner West
Arranged and Orchestrated by Daniel Semsen

What better way to share Easter Sunday with your choir and congregation than by singing out the testimonies of those who encountered Jesus firsthand? Throughout Jesus' ministry, people experienced divine appointments with Him that left them amazed and in awe. Presented by the Simply Word Series, this is the retelling of those testimonies in an inspiring new Easter Musical, WE ARE WITNESSES, from Word Music & Church Resources.
We Are Witnesses (Listening CD)
Product #: 080689990229
We Are Witnesses (Preview Pack)
Product #: 080689667398
We Are Witnesses (Accompaniment CD)
Product #: 080689026683
We Are Witnesses (Accompaniment DVD)
Product #: 080689659096
We Are Witnesses (Bulk CD)
Product #: 080689915727
We Are Witnesses (Practice Trax)
Product #: 080689778131
We Are Witnesses (Orchestration)
Product #: 080689574672
We Are Witnesses (Posters)
Product #: 080689576775
We Are Witnesses (Bulletins)
Product #: 080689577712