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In Calvary's Shadow (SAB)

In Calvary's Shadow (SAB)

5+: 7.16 ea.
10+: 6.71 ea.
75+: 6.26 ea.


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Voicing: SAB, Piano with Optional Instrumental Parts
Victor Johnson (Composer)

"In Calvary's Shadow" is a deeply moving service of penitence and forgiveness. With elegant simplicity, it invites the faithful to experience Jesus' journey from betrayal through crucifixion with a tightly woven tapestry of dramatic scripture readings, vocal solos and congregational singing, and arrangements of spirituals and gospel hymns, as well as newly composed music by celebrated composer Victor Johnson. Central to both the title and the liturgy is the ritual extinguishing of seven candles, leaving the church in total darkness except for the Christ Candle. After a period of quiet meditation while sitting "in Calvary's shadow," God's people exit the church in silence. Approximately 30 minutes long, this dramatic Tenebrae service is perfect for incorporation into regular Holy Week worship. Quickly and easily prepared, it can be performed with or without simple staging and costumes, and the readings can be performed by one reader or by up to five readers
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