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All Who Are Baptized in Christ (2-Pt)

All Who Are Baptized in Christ  (2-Pt)

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(from "Window of Grace")
For two-part Chorus of Mixed or Equal Voices and Organ
By Frank Pesci

Written between November 2007 and August 2009, this set of four motets was written for and dedicated to the Choir of Grace Episcopal Church in Newton, Massachusetts, and its director, Dr. Linda J. Clark. The choir sits facing four stained glass windows, each depicting a scene from Christ's life: birth, baptism, death, and resurrection. Each motet is a choral meditation on one of these windows. The set is written for a choir of any size and composition that can be evenly divided into two voice parts.voice parts.

All Who Are Baptized in Christ (Omnes in Christo baptizati): A running sixteenth note figure lends an underlying fluidity, which alternates with declarative moments of joy. Duration: 2:46

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