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Opera Aria Anthology Volume II (Mezzo-Soprano)

Opera Aria Anthology Volume II (Mezzo-Soprano)

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Compiled by: Craig W. Hanson
Edited by: Stanley M. Hoffman

A collection of 21 arias by contemporary American composers. Often, introductions and endings have been added in order for the piece to stand alone. Includes biographical information for each composer, a brief synopsis of each opera, and a short explanation of where the aria appears in the context of the opera.

Operas from which arias are taken include:
"The Crucible,""He Who Gets Slapped - Pantaloon,""Lady Kate," and"Minutes Till Midnight" by Robert Ward
"Black River,""The Dangerous Liaisons,""The Love of Don Perlimplin," and"Transformations" by Conrad Susa
"Carry Nation" by Douglas Moore
"Coyote Tales,""Gabriel's Daughter,""Hotel Eden" and"Starbird" by Henry Mollicone
"The Dreamers" and"Firebird Motel" by David Conte
"S." by Ronald Perera
"Shining Brow" by Daron Hagen