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Hotel Noel (Unison) Choral Book

Hotel Noel (Unison) Choral Book

5+: 7.16 ea.
50+: 6.71 ea.


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An Easy-Sing Musical for Kids Choir
Created by Gina Boe

Word Choral Club May 2020
Voicing: Unison
Difficulty Level: Easy
Release Date: May 01, 2020

Easy-to-Learn, Easy-to-Sing, Easy-to-Produce
Teaches your kids choir the true, Christ-focused meaning of Christmas
Featuring familiar carols along with fun and powerful new songs

As our story's family begins their journey on Christmas Eve, they find themselves in an epic snowstorm that threatens their safe arrival at Grandma's house. Forced off the road by the storm, they miraculously come across an unexpected "this-didn't-show-up-on-anygps- maps" safe harbor… Hotel Noel! With a name like Hotel Noel, full of the promise of holiday festivities and decorations, the kids are severely disappointed as they discover it to be a plain, bland, not-a-decoration-in-sight hotel. Unknown to the family, however, the hotel is staffed by Christmas angels tasked to share the true meaning of Christmas with those in need of hearing their message of hope and salvation. These special, heavenly envoys - Gloria, Gabriel, Michael, and Angela - step in to share the origins and meaning of the hotel's name, Noel, explaining that Christmas is more about celebrating the birth of our Savior than about brightly wrapped gifts and shiny holiday decorations. This new Simply WordKidz Musical for a Christmas carries the hallmarks of the series – easy to learn, easy to sing, easy to produce – while featuring fun and powerful new songs of the season along with familiar carols. Celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas with Hotel Noel and let your kids choir share with the world what Christmas is really all about!


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