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Mission Possible (Unison/2 Part) Choral Book

Mission Possible (Unison/2 Part) Choral Book

5+: 8.76 ea.
50+: 8.21 ea.


(Pricing and availability is subject to change without notice. Please call for the latest information.)

Unison/ 2 Part
Choral Book
Arrangers Boe/Dorn

An ordinary day at the school bus stop…a mysterious message you haven't seen before…your mission, should you decide to accept it…

In this new kids choir musical from Simply WordKidz, what seems to start out like an ordinary day, quickly turns into an action-packed adventure, starting with a strange note and a mission!

Come along and join us on this MISSION: POSSIBLE-where God will show each of us what He has called us to do for His Kingdom! Created by Gina Boe, MISSION POSSIBLE is a fun, scripture-filled musical for kids bursting with biblical truths found in Mark 16:15 and Ephesians 2:10. Your students will learn that, as believers, no matter where they are, no matter what their talents are, and no matter the circumstances, they have been given a mission – they have been called to spread the Good News of Jesus to the world around them.

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