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Back to the Manger (Choral Book)

Back to the Manger (Choral Book)

5+: 7.16 ea.
10+: 6.71 ea.
75+: 6.26 ea.


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A Caroling Adventure through Time
Created by Christy Semsen
Arranged by Daniel Semsen

Introducing a Christmas children's musical from husband and wife duo Christy and Daniel Semsen that is a blast-from-the-past to perform and delivers a life-changing message - Back to the Manger. During the annual Christmas Caroling Outreach at Midway Community Church, Jackson and his friends discover a time machine in the basement. After accidentally hitting a lever, they embark on an adventure throughout the twentieth century and learn how helping others changes lives. Seeing the caroling outreach effects over the decades, once-skeptical Jackson comes to know Christ better and discovers the true value of God's gift and why we celebrate His birth.
Back to the Manger (Acc. CD)
Product #: 080689837128
Back to the Manger (Bulk CD)
Product #: 080689727726
Back to the Manger (Digital Resource Kit) *POD*
Product #: 080689344978
Back to the Manger (Inst. DVD)
Product #: 080689437090
Back to the Manger (Promo Pack)
Product #: 080689525360
Back to the Manger (CD)
Product #: 080689799228