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Homeland (SATB Choral Book) *POD*

Homeland (SATB Choral Book) *POD*



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America has often been referred to as the great melting pot of nationalities and cultures. That is true to a certain extent. Americans have not relinquished the unique character of their individual heritage – they have, however, acknowledged those things that unite all of us as a people, a nation dedicated to liberty and justice for all. The one thing we share that is most obvious is this particular area of the planet Earth, located in the western hemisphere, on the North American Continent. This is a landmass that is bordered east and west by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and north and south by Canada and Mexico. In addition, we have two states that are thousands of miles removed from these borders but very much a part of these states – the United States of America. This is a celebration of our country – our dwelling place – our Homeland.

Our Homeland - this is the place where we pledge the same flag, protect and defend the same Constitution, breathe the same air, cherish the future of our children, and stand constant vigil to defend the rights that compelled our founders to form a more perfect Union. This is the place our ancestors fought for, and also the place where people still gather the courage to come and be a part of the greatest experiment in freedom in human history.
Homeland (Acc. DVD) *POD*
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Homeland (Bulk CD) *POD*
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Homeland (Drama Companion-PDF) *POD*
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Homeland (Posters)
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Homeland (Bulletins)
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Homeland (Orch-PDF) *POD*
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Homeland (Rehearsal Trax) *POD*
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Homeland (Acc. Trax) - CD *POD*
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Homeland (Prev. Pack) *POD*
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Homeland (Listening CD) *POD*
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Homeland (Drama Companion - PDF Email) *POD*
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Homeland (Orch-Emailed) *POD*
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