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Blessed Is the Nation (SATB Choral Book) *POP*

Blessed Is the Nation (SATB Choral Book) *POP*



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Voicing: SATB 9780834174733
Arranged by: Dennis Allen

Blessed Is the Nation is a patriotic worship service containing selections for congregations and choirs of any size. Vibrant narrations and readings quoting scripture, and our country's forefathers remind us that America will be a great nation, only to the extent that she is dependent on the Lord's guidance. This complete service contains a variety of musical styles, and will lead your congregation in a patriotic celebration, focusing on our hope in God.

Blessed Is the Nation will inspire and instill pride at any traditional patriotic celebration like the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or any Sunday when your emphasis is on America's need for a Christian foundation.

Voicing: SATB
Performance Time: 12 minutes
Suggested Use: Independence Day, Memorial Day, any patriotic occasion. Consider using in part, or as a whole, to ce

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