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Song of Joy (Choral Book) SATB

Song of Joy (Choral Book) SATB

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Choral Book
Arranger Marty Hamby
Christmas is a time for gratitude, a time for celebration and expectation! And it is a time for music! Songs of the season are everywhere around us, reminding us of the birth of the Savior, the anticipated coming of the Christ Child, the advent of the Messiah, and the JOY that is ours as believers. As followers of Christ, we have done more than just anticipate His coming; we have lived the reality of having received the Son of God into our hearts, of knowing Him as Savior, and worshipping Him as the King of kings and Lord of lords! And because of the wonderful gift of God's Son, given to us, we not only hear the music of Christmas, we SING the song of Christmas, the Song of Joy!

Songs both new and old, celebratory and worshipful, joy-filled and awe-inspired, soul-searching and soul-soothing, weave a tapestry of Christmas wonder that invites the believer to worship and rejoice in His presence, while offering Hope to the downtrodden and Salvation to the lost. In perhaps some of its most powerful moments, Song of Joy ushers the listener into the serene and peaceful strains of the beloved carol Silent Night! Holy Night!, followed by compelling narration leading to the poignant and reflective new song, Somewhere in Your Silent Night (made popular by Casting Crowns). That is followed by a song of invitation and worship with Crowder's Come As You Are, encouraging the lost to come to Christ and give Him their heart. This song of invitation leads us into the declaration that He is the King of kings who will reign forever in the medley featuring Tomlin's, He Shall Reign Forevermore, and Elevation Worship's, Only King Forever.

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