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A Shining Light (SATB Choral Book)

A Shining Light (SATB Choral Book)

5+: 7.96 ea.
50+: 7.46 ea.


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Arranger Marty Parks

Presented by Word Music & Church Resources in Marty Parks' unique signature format-Large Print, No Repeats, Time-Saving Vocals, Perfect for Any Choir-A SHINING LIGHT is perfectly suited for Sanctuary Choirs, Senior Adult Choirs, Every-Other-Sunday Choirs, Small Church Choirs, Large Church Choirs, and everything in-between! As a follow-up to Sing America's Song, A SHINING LIGHT is Marty's second patriotic musical in this format, giving choirs of all experience levels and sizes the opportunity to sing about the Lord Almighty and this cherished country. As an underlying theme, A SHINING LIGHT brings loyalty to God and country together, reminding listeners that "our devotion to God and our devotion to this land we love don't have to be mutually exclusive affections." After all, it is the Lord Who has touched and blessed this land…and may we strive to keep it a bright and shining light for Him!

A Shining Light (Bulk CDs)
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