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American Dreamers (SATB Choral Book)

American Dreamers (SATB Choral Book)

5+: 10.36 ea.
50+: 9.71 ea.


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SATB Choral Book
Arranged Cliff Duren

America! The sound of that name inspires and emboldens us; it emboldens us as we follow in the footsteps of those who've gone before, and inspires us to do even greater things till - to build better, be stronger, reach farther, dream bigger, and trust God to lead us to new frontiers and scale new heights. We are a country both built and sustained by dreamers. Dreamers who became doers. Dreamers who didn't listen when others said Impossible Dreamers who dared to make dreams come true. - American Dreamers!

American Dreamers (Listening CD)
Product #: 080689915222
American Dreamers (Accompaniment CD)
Product #: 080689949128
American Dreamers (Accompaniment DVD)
Product #: 080689576096
American Dreamers (Orchestration) *POP*
Product #: 080689530678
American Dreamers (Bulk CDs) *POP*
Product #: 080689840722
American Dreamers (Practice Tracks) *POP*
Product #: 080689733024
American Dreamers (Preview Pack)
Product #: 080689612398
American Dreamers (Bulletins) *POP*
Product #: 080689494772
American Dreamers (Posters) *POP*
Product #: 080689493775
American Dreamers (Stem Tracks)
Product #: 080689988424