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Then Sings My Soul (SATB)

Then Sings My Soul (SATB)

5+: 7.16 ea.
50+: 6.71 ea.


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A Worship Service of Hymns, Scripture, and Inspirational Readings for Choir, Congregation, and Worship Leaders
Arranged and Orchestrated by Cliff Duren

Hymns revisited. Hymns reimagined. Hymns reinvented. Hymns relived. Hymns rewritten.

At this point we've seen everything done with hymns that we can possibly think of. And you may be saying the last thing you want or need is another book of hymns. And some might be inclined to agree. Except...

What if, instead of working so hard to change them or improve them, we focus on revealing the true nature, power, and majesty of our favorite hymns? Rather, to be true to them, and frame them in their best light by rediscovering a fresh appreciation of their well-deserved place in our houses of worship. Let our choirs raise their voices in unbridled passion, fed by the awe-inspiring, rich, theological and doctrinal truths buried deep within these tremendous songs of the Faith. Let our spirits rise with the soaring melodies, and once again give voice to our praise of the immortal, invisible, only-wise God! And, more than anything else, let us rediscover the joy that comes when we encourage our congregations to "raise our joys and triumphs high," as together the Church proclaims, "Then Sings My Soul," to the greatness of our God.

While each great arrangement in this book stands alone, Then Sings My Soul is designed to be presented as a through-composed worship service of hymns, scripture, and inspirational readings for Choir, Congregation, and Worship Leaders, created and orchestrated by Cliff Duren. DVD Accompaniment Track, Orchestration, and Stem Mixes available.

Then Sings My Soul (CD)
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Then Sings My Soul (Acc CD)
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Then Sings My Soul (Acc Video)
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Then Sings My Soul (Orch)
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Then Sings My Soul (Bulk CD)
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Then Sings My Soul (Practice Tracks)
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Then Sings My Soul (Preview Pack)
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