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Redemption (4-7 Octaves)

Redemption (4-7 Octaves)

5+: 3.96 ea.


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Alex Guebert's exquisite Redemption beautifully portrays the scene of a Hebrew woman in exile, soothing her child with a lullaby. Unable to ignore her soul's plea for the promised Messiah, the lullaby gives way to the strains of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. Through the urgent cries of the people, "Rejoice! Rejoice" resounds as a loud refrain. As the promised one arrives, another lullaby is heard. The two editions for 3 and 4-7 octaves are not identical but may be played together.

Voicing: Published in compatible editions for 3 and 4-7 octaves handbells
Arranger: Alex Guebert
Tune source: Original, quoting VENI EMMANUEL (15th century French) and LULLABY (Johannes Brahms)
Season: Christmas
Level: 4-

Redemption (3 Octaves)
Product #: CGB1170