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Serenata De Campanas (4-7 Octaves)

Serenata De Campanas (4-7 Octaves)

5+: 4.76 ea.


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4-7 Octaves
Sandra Eithun

Written for 4 to 7 octave handbell choir with 4 to 7 octaves of handchimes, percussion and C intruments. Not for the faint of heart, Sandra Eithun's original composition is sure to add a Spanish flair to any occasion! Driving accompaniments and contrasting rhythms propel the piece forward, and bold harmony choices maintain interest throughout. The mood is only enhanced by the inclusion of the percussion section and the lush countermelodies of the two C instruments. A rollicking good time!
Serenata de Campanas (C Instruments)
Product #: HB631B
Serenata de Campanas (Percussion)
Product #: HB631C